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Secrets of Life & Death

With the current pandemic situation, many begin to reflect on the matter of our existence. Will one still be here the next day ? This is uncertain. We do not know what tomorrow brings.

We must therefore not neglect matters of life and death. Are you ready when impermanence approaches us ?

At this crucial time and space, Yogi Master Zhang Busheng will unveil the teachings on the true meaning of Life and Death. This is to help us comprehend this trying times.

Benefits of All-Year Tablet at Buddhist Prayer Hall

Spiritual Liberation Tablet  

One dollar a day to appease all karmic creditors all year round! Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Hall  (Spiritual Liberation for nine levels of ancestors or deceased loved ones). A refuge for sentient beings, and karmic creditors

  • There is significant amount of karmic debt in our DNA from endless lifetimes. These include karmic creditors from our parents across seven lifetimes and nine levels of ancestors. These karmic creditors are demanding payment from us; causing insomnia and discomfort to our family.
  • If we do not liberate and provide a stable environment for them, these karmic creditors will linger around us and add to our burdens.
  • By setting up a residence for them at the “Buddhist Prayer Hall”, it allows them to receive daily Dharma blessings and counsel them to let go of their resentments. After setting up a tablet, you may feel lighter, more comfortable and at ease.

Blessing Red Tablet

  • We often feel that we are not as blessed and our life is fraught with difficulties. Besides liberating the souls of our karmic creditors, are there any other methods? Praying to Buddha and Bodhisattvas for their blessings can truly bring about unbelievable outcomes. Set up a red tablet on “Elimination of Obstacles & Prayer for Blessings” at our prayer hall to gain auspiciousness, prosperity, wealth & peace!

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